Monday, 21 September 2009


I will be giving a 'lecture' at Edinburgh University on Wednesday 25th November at 2pm. It's called 'Happy Robots: Utopias and Technologies in Edwin Morgan's Science Fiction Poetry' and will involve coffee! If you like coffee, come along.

Russell Jones

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Reading (Leith, Edinburgh)

I will be reading poems and such at the Elvis Shakespeare Bar (in Leith) on Saturday October 24th, 2pm.

Come. Drink. Come. Come. Clean up. Smoke.

Russell Jones

Edwin Morgan

All I've done is talk about myself. What sordid and self-obsessed little creatures poets are. That is, except for this man: Edwin Morgan, who is the bestest old man in the world.

Morgan is a hugely witty, humane, experimental and brilliant (I should go on) poet who never fails to make me bleed a little inside. I'm currently researching his Science Fiction Poetry with Edinburgh University, and I suggest you go and read it before you die.

Russell Jones

V: International Writing From Edinburgh

Continuing to slap your filthy face with my chunky web member (made from random books), here's a book called 'v: New International Writing from Edinburgh' which enjoys being very Scottish whilst simultaneously flying it's crochet flag of internationalism. The first poem of mine is free but the hit'll cost you after that, pal. Spare some change?

Russell Jones

The Golden Hour Book

If you've got a yearning for books covered in peculiar Cyclops-horse-people, why not buy The Golden Hour Book? It's got words in it, it comes with a very shiny CD, and it's definitely better than incest. I've a few poems in there too so here's a freebie (though if you read it and don't buy the book I hereby own your hollow, penniless soul). Buy it here:

Keep watching this space for The Golden Hour Book 2 announcements...!

Russell Jones

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

"The Last Refuge"

"The Last Refuge" is my recently-published chapbook from Forest Press.

Science? Fiction? Poetry? Yes, it has them all mixed up like a delicious pint of post-candyshop vomit. From frozen ten year olds to downloadable dreams, hopefully this book has something for everyone and everything for someone.

You can only buy a copy from the publishers at the moment ( but it should be available on Amazon in the foreseeable future, though you may have to take out a second mortgage on your Spanish Villa as it's a hefty two pounds British Sterling...!

If you're still not sold on the idea, here's an extract from the book and a glimpse at the (frankly brilliant) cover:


New Site!

Welcome, poor old tired horse, to my blog.

I am a poet, teacher/tutor and student researcher based in Edinburgh. What's this blog for? Shameless self-promotion, of course, and much much less.

As Reader of the Sacred Blog, I encourage you to contact me if you have any interest in my research, any joy from my writing, or any burning desire to wed or punch me.