Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lincoln Quark

Lincoln will be hosting this terribly named conference, 9-12 July:

'What Happens Now: 21st Century Writing in English - thefirst decade'

and I'll be there talking about sciency poetry, science fiction robotic thingymajigs. Other (more impressive and important people) who will be there include:

Carol Ann Duffy
Will Self
Tim Crouch (performing My Arm)
Iain Sinclair
John Burnside
Don Paterson
Daljit Nagra

I like their words. Well, some of them.

If you've money to burn and a yearning for Lincolnshire goodness then pack yer bag and drink my man milk.

Russell Jones

Jah, es ist sehr gut!!

German supermag, New Leaf, has a couple of my poems inside. Supa! Actually, tis rather a good read and my poems are about ghosts and bull fighting. Fellow poetry fiend, Aiko Harman, is also in attendance, naturlich! Find her here:

Oh, you can buy said book here for the steal of 2 euro coins

Aufwiedersehen, meine braunbrot

Herr Russell Jones

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Beam me up, Geordie

Tired of the bloody misery of April? All that stigmata can be a right downer and, hey, aren't you worried about looking a bit chunky after your twelvth Kinder surprise?

Worry not, there's a the form of a British Society for Literature and Science conference! Rejoice!

I'll be talking on "A Home in Space: Teleportation and Space Exploration in the Science Fiction Poetry of Edwin Morgan" at Northumbria University, Newcastle, some time, some day between 8th and 11th of April.

The mystery only adds to the intrigue. You love it you conference tart.

Why not visit the super exciting website and book your place RIGHT NOW?

Russell Jones

Friday, 5 February 2010

Top Secret OR ELSE

Last night, at the Scottish Poetry Library, I was introduced to some random art. Sandwich containers filled with soil, knitted femidoms and such. The kind of art you love, you freak.

The task is to choose a piece of randomness and use it as inspiration for a poem which will then be commented on by artists. Then we'll all be put in a box of monkeys and covered with electrodes and gummy bears.

Thing is, I'm not allowed to talk to anyone about it because it ruins the project. Yes, RUINS it. As no-one but lonely alcoholics and my dead eyes read my blog I feel it may be safe to say as much as I have - but if the word gets out I'm coming after you.

Russell Jones